An Explanation

Welcome to A Day of Racing the Sun 

Q.  What exactly is this site about?

A.  Well duh, it is about racing the sun.  I thought the title was pretty obvious and self-explanatory.  Is English your second language? (if it is I applaud you.) 

Q.  That tell us absolutely nothing, who is racing the sun, why race the sun at all, does the sun know it is in a competition, does this involve solar panels, are you perhaps drying raisins?

A.  Oh you want actual details, specifics, minutia, facts, figures, personality profiles, graphs, charts, maps, the whole enchilada. 

Q.  Yes that is what we want.

A.  Okay, okay  you have worn me down grab a cold beverage and read on.

On 21 June 2014 at 5;26 am my friend Ken and I will start driving in a mostly western direction from Perth Amboy, New Jersey on the North American Continent.  We will drive in Ken’s four door Honda Fit as far and a fast as we can until sunset of that same day.  

Q,  So this has nothing to do with solar panels and/or raisins?

A.  No, but my mother makes a wonderful raisin pie, but she is not coming on this trip.  

Q.  Why?

A.  My mother does not like long road trips unless there is a multiple stops for casinos and/or historical sites along they way. 

Q.  No, why are you and Ken doing it?

A.  For fun, to see how far we can go, to have an adventure, because I have tried to do the math multiple times and cannot account for all the variables such as time zones, average speed, average stop time, so we are just going to do it to see how far we can get. 

Q.  Why the 21st of June?

A. June 21 is the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice,  on the North American Continent. 

Q.  It sounds interesting, are you going to post stuff about it here?

A.  (that was a great question by the way)  Why yes I am, it will be roughly a two-day event, most likely starting on Friday 20 June, following our progress all day as we hit milestones such as each state we enter/exit,  when we hit mileage milestones and possible fueling stops.  Ken and I will also be posting on our individual Facebook pages with links back to this site.   (If you hit Follow at the top of the page you will be either sent an e-mail every time a new post is made or if you have a WordPress account it will come up in your reader section, so go ahead Follow us westward and see how far we get)

Q. Do you plan on stopping anywhere on the day your Race the Sun?

A. No but we will make notes of places we might want to stop on the way back, particularly any pie stores/shops/bakeries.  That is one of the things Ken and I will not pass up, a good piece of pie.  So if you know of any let me know if not for this trip than in the future. 

I will love hearing your comments on this, please post them below or just hit the Like button, remember what the Beatles said  “All you need is Like.” 

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1 Response to An Explanation

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m loading up on road snacks, podcasts and music for the trip. Tomorrow we hit the road!

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