Less than 24 more than 12

Well the summer solstice is almost upon us.  The longest day of the year and the start of a road trip for Ken and I.  Staying in Perth Amboy, NJ tonight, at what I hope is not too bad of a motel.

Will most likely check in at the motel and let you know how many stars I can give it.   Well time to finish packing and getting all the assorted things done before you take a trip in someone else car.  Did I bring my charger for my cell phone, ear buds (because even though we are best friends, it is good to have a little time to yourself), did I get enough snacks, will this tube of toothpaste last the entire trip.  Things like that.

For those of you looking for a photograph of me, that only know me thru the internet, maybe tonight, definitely tomorrow.

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