Also known as A. A. Forringer.

Had this idea to see how far he can get in one day and found a good friend to do it with him.

He has taken other long road trips like trying to get home in time for Christmas in 1990 from White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico to Pittsburgh, PA with no map.  Tooling around the South Korea in a Hummv with another Sergeant in their underwear (but wearing their Kevlar helmets per 2nd Infantry Division policy, safety first).

Loves the television show Top Gear (BBC version of course) and takes credit for single handily introducing at least 100 people to the show and for its following here in the Philadelphia area.

Aaron is an aspiring writer and wishes you would buy his book from Smashwords.com entitled Scouts Out.  and his other book due out soon, Q Runner.

You can follow Aaron on twitter @aaforringer or on his blog at aaforringer.com.

You can also e-mail at aaforringer@gmail.com

Prediction:  We will rack up a lot of miles, eat some unhealthy food and have a really great time.  Hoping for 1400 miles.

Tell us what you think, or if you are a mean person show you rudeness so everyone will know what you are truely like.

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